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Nano Mashin, ナノ魔神, 喇勞 魔神, 奈米魔神, 某天成为魔神, 나노마신
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Nano Machine Manhwa Summary

Nano Machine Manhwa, also known as "Nano Mashin, ナノ魔神, 喇勞 魔神, 奈米魔神, 某天成为魔神, 나노마신", is an exciting Manhwa written by . This beautiful story contains , , , , genres. You are reading on ManhwaSco, the best Manhwa site.

Until he becomes the master of the lowest rank in the order of rankings, the lonely side of his life without luck is changed. One day, suddenly, a future descendant injected him with a nanomachine, and the machine started ‘speaking’ to him.

[I am a seventh-generation Nano Machine manufactured by the Sky Cooperation, operating as a central nerve connected to your brain.]

“What? What are you talking about?”

This was beyond the boy’s knowledge, so he turned pale and asked. The Nano Machine linked to his cerebrum realized the User did not understand a single word it said.

“Who are you, and why are you doing this to me?”

[“I am seventh generation Nano Machine.”]

“Nano Machine?”

[Yes, Nano Machine.]

The boy’s face got hardened. The machine was a deity the Machine Religion worshiped, along with the Sacred Fire. The Master of the Machine Religion’s role was communicating with the Machine.

“Um, are you Machine?”

The boy knelt and asked with a trembling voice. At this, the Nano Machine attached to his cerebrum realized he had misunderstood it. Cursed his whole life with only misfortune and hardships, Cheon Yeo Woon, who ranks lowest in the war of the Grand Prince Succession, is about to have his world turned upside down when a ‘descendant’ from a future suddenly appears and installs nanomachines inside his body.