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The Baby Princess Can See Status Windows
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Baby Princess Through the Status Window Manhwa Summary

Baby Princess Through the Status Window Manhwa (AKA "The Baby Princess Can See Status Windows") is an exciting webtoon written by . This captivating story encompasses , , , , , genres. You are reading on manhwasco.net best comic site.

I was condemned as a cruel villain and sentenced to death. But somehow, I was transported back to the past when I was a five-year-old child.When I faced my father, who looked much younger now, a strange blue window appeared before my eyes — it was a pale blue window that revealed another’s the inner self.[Alderuan Erveldote]Role: Emperor (Lv.99)Favorability: 90,980,984Mood: Dear daughter, I miss you…But father?I assume it’s dad’s feelings, but… What the hell is going on?[Damian Erveldote]Mood: Glad to see my sisterThoughts: I want to talk to you T ^ T[Ellie]Mood: Holding back from breaking the wall because it’s too cuteThoughts: I’ll definitely make a commemorative collection titled “The Daily Life of a Cute Princess!”[Karmen Kasselov]Mood: ExcitedThoughts: Why is it that you are one step more beautiful every time I see you? What do they feed you at my palace? Do they have a magic potion that can make everyone this beautiful?I used to think everyone held a grudge against me, but seeing how they treated me like that, I guess that’s not true?!If what the status window tells me is true, then maybe I can live a better life in this lifetime!