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He’s My Real Brother Duke
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Duke, that man is my real brother Manhwa Summary

Duke, that man is my real brother Manhwa (AKA " He’s My Real Brother Duke") is an exciting webtoon written by . This captivating story encompasses , , , genres. You are reading on manhwasco.net best comic site.

In a fantasy novel, I suddenly became Astel, the younger sister who never appeared.
While my brother Cassian is fighting for revenge on the clan, I have to find and deal with the final villain, that remains unrevealed even at the end of the series!!!
To do that, I must first enter the mansion of the northern duke, where the traitors of the family are hiding.
But somehow, I became the ‘mate’ of duke Anais, a beast and a prime candidate for the ultimate villain.
“Kiss me now, Astel.”
To live, I have to communicate with my ‘mate’ every day, but there’s no such thing in the original!
“Shouldn’t we go see the ocean you like today?”
“I-I don’t think I can. I have to go see Mr. Cassian today.”
The duke gritted his teeth with a cold face. I was a little scared when I saw this look on his face. Maybe he’s teething? Because he’s a wild beast!
The other day, when I was living under the duke’s care. My brother Cassian left his son in my care for a while.
However, it seems the duke has been entangled in a huge misunderstanding.
“It will become our child.”
“What…? ”
“Cassian Gray will disappear from this world so I won’t be his bride anymore.”
Since when did I become Cassian Gray’s bride?
He’s My Real Brother, Duke