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I Can Devour Everything Manhua Summary

I Can Devour Everything Manhua (AKA "") is an exciting webtoon written by . This captivating story encompasses , , , , , genres. You are reading on manhwasco.net best comic site.

Only a cultivator in the stage of immortality can penetrate the limits of his cultivation and achieve true power only by changing his firm thinking about cultivation. An Jing is a student of the Tianxin clan who follows the azure sky sect, but accidentally he gets the lottery by acquiring the “System Skill.” However, after getting this great opportunity, he does not boast about it.

He is naturally good, so he trains and develops his skills quietly under the guise of a student of the Tianxin clan. He refrains From stirring up trouble and attracting attention to him to complete his hard training in the hope of reaching the path of immortality.

Without the knowledge of others and behind the scenes, he helped the Azure Sky sect to solve many serious problems. So a legend arose within the azure sky sect about a mysterious individual who walked among them and solved their problems without revealing his identity… Therefore, his identity has been kept secret forever and ever.