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회귀한 아포칼립스의 폭군
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The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Manga (AKA "회귀한 아포칼립스의 폭군") is an exciting webtoon written by ,. This captivating story encompasses genres. You are reading on manhwasco.net best comic site.

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Manga Summary

25 years after the opening of the Hell Gate, humanity has perished, except for one.

Namgung, who returned three days before the Hellgate opened after clearing a quest, vows to protect his reunited daughter. He begins to devour the rewards of the 8 martial stars, who are chosen by the Eight Phases, who are akin to gods.

Having taken a seat among the Eight martial stars, Namgung clears each upcoming festival (carnival) with his memories from before the return.

And as he prepares for the things that lie ahead by gathering allies and growing stronger, he starts experiencing events he hasn’t faced even himself…

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