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Drunk Thief X Slave Girl, A Drunk Thief Bought a Slave Girl
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Yopparai Touzoku, Dorei no Shoujo wo Kau Manga Summary

Yopparai Touzoku, Dorei no Shoujo wo Kau Manga, also known as "Drunk Thief X Slave Girl, A Drunk Thief Bought a Slave Girl", is an exciting Manga written by . This beautiful story contains , , , , , , genres. You are reading on ManhwaSco, the best Manga site.

A hangover leads to a shared life between a thief and a slave girl.

Harris is an adventurer who works as a thief and scout, a job that is often shunned due to poor reputation.
One day, he gets drunk and buys a slave girl, Tiana. Tiana, who had been poorly treated and not given enough food until then, comes to adore Harris, who treats her kindly as her master. Harris, who had been hoping that Tiana would grow up to be a beautiful woman, is gradually drawn to her because of her innocence.

Harris’s life changes drastically when he begins living with Tiana: warm meals, freshly washed clothes, and interaction with the townspeople who had never come close to him before. On the other hand, he finds himself in more and more troublesome situations. Will he manage to escape from them with his skill and tact…?
This is the story of the “rebirth” of a shabby thief, which begins with an encounter with a slave girl.